Perspective is a curious topic. The closest analogy I can provide is through a photographers lens. It’s called ‘depth of field’. When you choose to focus on a subject, how much of the surrounding is meant to show? And does it, in fact, change the meaning or purpose of the subject or is the background the subject altogether?

Dissecting this dilemma is a personal endeavor. I desperately think sometimes of the ‘right’ way to do it, but come up empty. Even when disregarding the world, compartmentalizing myself, I get lost. These ideas frame the core of the issue to me. If I am to confine it to a temporal limit, it will not make sense. Not to me, and by extension, not to you. It has to be experienced as a whole, over time, and explained from the beginning to get there. It is a landscape where struggling to focus on the details of the distant contours diverts your attention from the pebbles you may trip on now. So let us wade through the extensive verbiage of a high-school term paper together and arrive at a succinctness we only find in a picture book.

Let’s. Commence.