With the enormous looming project of building my parents house from the ground up, I’ve been logging in the hours watching some HGTV. If that sounds cheesy, I assure you it is much cheesier to have to write it! While the channel may seem like just a string of home improvement shows where designers or contractors just throw a bunch of new expensive stuff into a room I see it as much more than that. It’s an expression of personality. The colors, textures, shapes, and flow are the personification of an individual or a family’s self image. What has truly blown my mind is how these professionals pick up on the subtleties of the client and automatically tailor their advice accordingly. It could be a simple artifact from a vacation in their home, a dedicated hobby, a career, or a combination of it all. And many times the people are taken aback by how well they fit in their new space. They can’t imagine how someone could unify all of their seemingly compartmentalized facades.

It actually got me thinking of the facades we all hold. Whether its the one you wear to work or the one at home with your loved ones we each have a repertoire of facades to choose from. After years of sculpting each of these which is the real one? Which is the one you would like to wear? But I think most poignant is, is there a person who can navigate them all and see the real you?


Perspective is a curious topic. The closest analogy I can provide is through a photographers lens. It’s called ‘depth of field’. When you choose to focus on a subject, how much of the surrounding is meant to show? And does it, in fact, change the meaning or purpose of the subject or is the background the subject altogether?

Dissecting this dilemma is a personal endeavor. I desperately think sometimes of the ‘right’ way to do it, but come up empty. Even when disregarding the world, compartmentalizing myself, I get lost. These ideas frame the core of the issue to me. If I am to confine it to a temporal limit, it will not make sense. Not to me, and by extension, not to you. It has to be experienced as a whole, over time, and explained from the beginning to get there. It is a landscape where struggling to focus on the details of the distant contours diverts your attention from the pebbles you may trip on now. So let us wade through the extensive verbiage of a high-school term paper together and arrive at a succinctness we only find in a picture book.

Let’s. Commence.