Broke Ankle Daddio


So a friendly softball game turned into 6 weeks worth of rehab. AFTER the game was over, we decided to play extra innings since we still had the field for more time. Great idea? I’ll let you be the judge. 


What this really affected was my ability to get to work. I have been a bike commuter for 2 years now. I initially started with a cheap bike from which was promptly destroyed after a head on collision with a car. The insurance was able to replace it with another bike from bikesdirect. A side note, bikes direct is great! Great bike frames with reasonable components at an unbeatable price. But after two years my tastes and needs in a commuter bike have developed. This injury has a hidden silver lining. Its allowing me to take the time to upgrade my bike!


What you see below is a Motobecane Fantom Cross on my self-made wall mount.



The goal: Same frame, cleaned up. Alfine Di2 with Bar-end shifters on a bullhorn. Ready for the journey?






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